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1997 SS 30th Anniversary Convertible #1406/0439
1996 SS Protype Camaro Coupe #1
1997 SS 30th Anniversary LT-4 #002
1997 SS 30th Anniversary
Rick rescued several notable 4th Generation Camaros In 1997 & 1998 from perhaps disappearing into history.  Our two red SS Camaros are the first of the return of the heralded SS option to the Camaro lineage.  Both cars were due the inglorious fate of having all their SS option related panels & equipment removed and scrapped, then reverted back to Z28 equipment &  trim and made available for sale as used program cars!  The Race Rock Camaro, a true 97 model, also without an assigned SS#, and like our others, seemingly much hotter than the norm, was simply a really cool and fun 6 speed car that the staff enjoyed as a company vehicle, burning off a couple of sets of tires before the highly visible Camaro became too well known on the streets and empty parking lots of Athens, GA.  Under the heading of "You can't keep everything....", we found it a good home in Michigan.  The last car acquired, the prototype 1997 LT-4 SS 30th Anniversary Coupe, also fully complete and with some interesting equipment mods that never made it into production, has also since found an excellent home with a dedicated enthusiast.


1996 SS Development Vehicle

1995 SS Camaro Development Vehicle1995 SS Camaro Development Vehicle

SS Options: 4sp Automatic with Overdrive, Composite Hood, Forced Air Induction System, Torsen Limited Slip Differential, Level II Bilstein Suspension, Revised Rear Decklid Spoiler, Bright Red with Dark Gray Leather Seats, Bose AM\FM\CD, 17" x 9" ZR-1 Style Cast Aluminum Alloy Wheels, BFG Comp T\A 275/40ZR 17, Stainless Performance Exhaust System

 History: Numerous automotive shows, first-release magazine feature car, US and Canadian media car. Notably the SS Camaro photographed for BF Goodrich's concurrent marketing; shown in flyer, two page spread automotive magazine, poster, banner, and billboard ad series.