Since completing the engine & subframe (in time for our Show Tour!), our poor Double-Header Camaro has sat rather neglected in our showroom way too long awaiting our attention.   Our thanks to those who contacted us with information, parts and assistance thus far, especially.....

Ron McHenry of McHenry Classic Cars in Illinois turned us on to a cut-away power glide in Virginia Beach , VA.   Neat piece, and we couldn’t pass it up, but unfortunately it’s a cast iron case early model, so we are still looking for a correct aluminum case ‘glide ......and a cut-away TH-350 trans & a 6 cyl engine also.

Thanks to Jim Stubbings of Heartbeat City in Michigan for a sharp eye and his photographic memory for locating a beautiful NOS GM set of 4 correct, six lug, cast wheel covers.  Made from a heavy forged aluminum compound, we’ll need to black out the centers to match the originals.  Still needed - two more for the other front clip.....anyone help?

Partly driven by the need to finish our showroom addition, the staff has finally disassembled, cataloged and photographed the clips and body’s remaining pieces to ensure a faithful restoration effort.

With the shell and front clip sheet metal finally in the body shop, John Bibbee of Wooden Elegance in Pennsylvania (long time customers may remember “Big John” from Rick's Camaros Sales staff & on it's Show Tours in the early 90’s), custom crafted and installed in November 04 this beautiful cherry wood cabinetry to hold more of our Musclecar memorabilia and automotive historical pieces.