Classic Headquarters

Arrival Day

Arriving at Rick's Receiving docks September 20, 2002 after its trans-pacific container shipment from Australia.  The 69 Camaro originally rotated on three turntable displays.  The body raised up, rotated, then lowered down on either the RS/SS-350 front end or the Standard 6 cylinder front end.

Standard front clip used with 6 cylinder display.

SS-350 - Fortunately all complete!  Check out the extensive chrome on this heavily re-worked and polished smooth cut-away engine assembly.  There's a clear case starter motor and oil pan showing the beautifully chromed and detailed crank and lower end.  The mechanicals all turn (or at least it will again when we're done) with an electric motor disguised as the original alternator. 

Subframe and all suspension parts ground and polished smooth with a lot of chrome work and paint in unmistakable GM 60's display colors and shades.  Every component in the subframe and front end is finished and detailed.  The front coils are black plastic.  The RS front clip (still with the best fitting original Endura bumper we've ever seen) still contains the RS display's electrically operated vacuum system to automatically operate the hidden headlamps.

Original houndstooth seats....dirty, but may clean up.  At least we don't have to worry about the doors!  All sheetmetal is pretty solid (though extensively pounded), with only some minor front windshield dash rust.  Looks a lot like the typical California beaters of days gone-by.  Must have similar weather down there!

Well, we have a lot of research and work ahead, but this is as cool, though different, a project as our Trans Am Z.  We hope to have at least the engine/subframe and maybe the entire RS front clip done in time for the 2003 Super Chevy Shows.  In the meantime, we'll keep whatever is not being worked on in the Showroom on display. We'll keep ya posted!

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